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Terms and Conditions

Sales Terms & Conditions

If any problems with download then contact us  


or webmasteroslc@gmail.com

Sales Terms & Conditions

Purchases – If you purchase a product from us, you will be asked for information related to contact details, invoicing and delivery. This information will be used  for processing the order, its payment and its delivery by email. 

After payment via Paypal/credit card,  you will receive a link to download your ordered product.  
The link will be active for 10 days.
If you have any problems with the digital download, please contact us at oslcmusicdrama@gmail.com or webmasteroslc@gmail.com


Please note that, during purchase transactions, we do not register any credit card numbers, and all essential information (credit card numbers, validation numbers, etc) are handled exclusively by PayPal (for further information on transaction security and relative Privacy Policy, please visit the PayPal website  at www.paypal.com).

The downloads are for the purchaser's use  only.

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