Children & Youth
We follow the value Jesus places on children by creating a vibrant place in our community. As an intergenerational community, we strive to connect to all ages and all demographics.

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Hospitality & Healing
Hospitality is the friendly and generous reception, and the entertainment of guests. The kind of hospitality we want is that God is in your life and you in ours. We enter into this through our community, by seeking to always welcome, care and share with visitors, members and the wider community. We also believe in the power of true healing for the spiritual, physical and mental pains in life and have ministries that support this.

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Realness & Relationship
We are real people wanting a real relationship with God and each other.

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Inspirational Worship
We are inspired by God and we seek to inspire others through worship. We want a changing experience from God through our worship together.

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Scripture & Real Presence
We want to read the goodness of God's Word and experience his real presence when we embrace it. 

See more: Men's and Women's Ministry, Small Group.

Talking with God.
In a conversation, there are times to speak, and times to listen. Talking with God suggests the relational connection with God we seek. We talk with God, not just to Him. 

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