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Only a few short weeks to go!

In our current times when people can question the relevance of church and it feels like values are evaporating, it is easy to feel burdened at being a disciple of Jesus.  Our life as Jesus' followers can even seem stagnant and instead of being a wonder to enjoy, it can feel like a burden to endure.  

Led by our good friend and dynamic teacher and speaker, Peter Steicke, this practical Conference will take us on a journey to redress the false understandings of discipleship that weigh us down.  It will change our perceptions from feeling burdened and overwhelmed, to living a life that is released to soar, that brings a sense of wonder, joy and simplicity as Jesus' followers. 

If you want to know more, view our programme and FAQs.

Follow your hearts and Register for The Wonder Conference today.  Registrations are capped and will close June 8th. This may be one of the most important things we can do to reinvigorate our lives as disciples of Jesus, both individually and as a community.   

For further information, please contact the OSLC Church Office.

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Church Focus - 'The Wonder of Following Jesus'
Join us, as we gather in small groups to explore The Wonder Of Following Jesus over a 4-week period in June 2023.

From Sunday 4th to Sunday 25th June, Peter Steicke will share with us in worship about ‘The Wonder of Following Jesus’.
We will also gather in groups for 4 weeks to further explore this theme.
You can watch each Sunday’s message on our YouTube channel
The group study booklet can be downloaded by clicking here:

Wonder of following Jesus Study Guide

Our church focus is based on Peter’s book ‘The Wonder’.  This is for sale at our church office, or on Peter’s website

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